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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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san jose places a a double homicide is followed by officers at shooting and killing the suspect. for the latest details coming up. stock retirement risk for millions of californians who rely on the state for help. the vote by the senate the puts retirement programs at the brink of closure. thank you for joining us. may the force be with you. i am pam cook. >> way to go. i am jake clark -- david clark. we have to go to steve. they can take the picture and you can see for yourself. this is boring and. also, sal will notice. our friend and traffic, she posted on twitter that there is a fog advisory by chp on the
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golden gate bridge. that is how thick it is. i believe it.>> this is the fog advisory on the golden gate bridge. slack out of chp. the fog is back in temperatures cooler today. sometimes seen santa rosa joppa 2025 only job due to 77. seven cisco 22 to 65. 93 yesterday. san jose dropped to 81 degrees. there is a lot more fog here danny zell image as showing request at 50 and we are picking up. status but am looking for. also out to the delta see that start to ramp up. the fog and low clouds once they make a push. water temperatures are called the 50s and 60s. these are down 10 compared it yesterday. out toward the brentwood it was a 75. that is a big difference. 56. that is also huge job and 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. a big cooldown and areas inland will take another day. the ridge of high pressure is
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moving towards the seer and into nevada which allows the door to open up to a cooler pattern. good morning. the fog is around as you know and a lot of people have been waiting for it. we are going to start off with the bay bridge plaza and there is no fog low enough to obstruct diverse. it is cloudy which is nice. that means it is going to be cooler for people like the weather. there are no problems of traffic wise. continues it to look at a cost of the stand. this is a look at interstate 880 and oakland at the traffic is going to be nice in both directions. in the south we do not have a lot of slow traffic. a little bit of roadwork in places about for the most part the major freeways we are off to a good start. stack san jose police are investigating an officer involved shooting were three people are dead including the suspect. leigh martinez outside the home were investigators have been at the scene for hours.
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we can see them in the background. talk we have placed a call into san jose police asking for more details. we know is that the home in question is back here on this private to drive. please haven't blocked off investigators have been here all night and all morning. san jose police were called at 9 pm last night on a report that someone had been shot. resources tell us when officers arrived at his home they found a man a barricaded inside and heard a gunshot to go off. two people were found dead inside. in a statement from police there was an officer involved shooting that followed and a man was killed at the scene. no one else was hurt. last night we spoke with a neighbor who was in shock by the news. >> i have been in this neighborhood for eight years and this is the first time. it came down the street and i am blocked off to get to my home. i pulled over to see with the
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situation was happening. took authorities not commenting on the relationship between the suspect and the two victims. santa clara county district attorney's office and the san jose police department homicide unit are conducting a joint a criminal investigation. the names of the victims have not been released. we do not have any confirmation from police as to the cause of of their death or emotive in the killings. the suspect has been killed and there are no outstanding suspects. >> thank you for the update. stack 6:04 am. a stabbing victim and seven cisco is recovering after an incident yesterday morning that led to a debbie police shooting. police say the suspect attacks an employee at the subway sandwiches shot on market street near fifth at about 11:30 am yesterday. we are told a homeless man attacked a store employee with a knife because he didn't like
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the way his sandwich was made. the suspect was shot by one of two police officers who were on patrol nearby. and witnesses say they heard yelling back and forth before the police opened fire. >> they acid the person who took the knife down here used to take the knife down. they shot him. he instead. we know very little about the suspect. we do know that a shopping cart was left outside the crime scene belonged to him. police say they will be holding a town hall meeting within 10 days to give us more details. we want to take you back to south bay were san jose police achieve is detailing the circumstances regarding an officer involved shooting on tuesday night. authorities responded to a family disturbance between a father and son at a home on mount fraser drive and as a police pulled up to the scene, they say the 28-year-old son was holding a knife, charged at an officer and forced the officer to suit. the senate later died at the hospital.
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>> he was armed with two knives. one in his right hand that he had raised over his head and one in his left hand. there described as kitchen knives.>> authorities say the men had a history of arrested, drug use and mental illness. the officer who is a 15 year veteran of the force has been placed on routine paid administrative leave. stack the defense attorney for antonin torres is expected to wrap up. garcia torres and charged with killing 15-year-old sierra lamarr five years ago. even though her body has never been found. the prosecutor using dna evidence including a mars a dna and garcia torres car as well as her hair tangled in a rope. it was also found in a car. the defense attorney is trying to persuade the jury that she did not die but that she ran away. and the go analyst is that the prosecutor has the mark difficult a job now. >> it is not a defense job to prove the case for the
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prosecution topic with the defense is saying is there is not enough evidence to suggest that sierra lamarr is dead and that garcia torres is responsible for her murder. slack once the defense attorney finishes and closing arguments the prosecutor gets one chance to present a rebuttal to convince the jury of garcia torres guilty jurors could get instructions from the judge and begin to rations as early as tomorrow. 6:07 am. four status state university students are recovering after they were attacked by another student in a residence at home. witnesses say the jazzman casey whose facebook page indicates she is from oakland, stabbed to romance with a kitchen knife and assessors on tuesday night. to residential advisors who were on their rounds heard someone screaming. they say they tend casey to the ground and houser until police arrived. >> when they got on scene, they just acted and they helped control the situation. i honestly feel they save lives. it was incredible what they
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did.>> police say casey was taken to the hospital for treatment and booked into a. before injured students were treated for cuts but they are back in school. the investigation goes on. police say they do not know what lead up to the attack. stack bringing manufacturing jobs to. commitment by apple to invest one dollars integrity fracturing and jobs. the repeal and replacement of obamacare. will it start to happen today. that is how things are shaping up. i am dog and washington. the very latest from capitol hill had. yesterday will be to your liking if you are a fan of color look -- if yesterday was not in today will be. we're going into a whole different pattern. ♪
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and do your thing. welcome back. today president trump plans to sign it as negative order that would allow religious organizations to become more active in politics. the order is aimed at the irs. right now there is a tax roll that says nonprofit organizations risk losing their tax-exempt status if they endorse or oppose political candidates. rule is not forced often but the president's order was directed the irs to use maximum discretion of -- over enforcement. a 6:11 am. and republicans are pushing through a vote in the house on
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their revamped healthcare bill. >> they say they have the votes to get past after last-minute changes. doug joined us from washington dc. good morning. it will be nip and tuck for republicans. we know that heading and. you never know able to not we get the count. they seem confident the votes are there. >>reporter: the lobbying effort has been appearance on capitol hill. >> based on our discussions and agreement on the amendment, it cannot be in a place where i can support the bill. they white house one over moderate republicans are now back the repeal and replacement of obamacare after a last- minute infusion of cash. $8 billion over five years to help consumers from pre- existing conditions. we had a that the plan lunch hour states that the affordable care act allowing them to pay back required benefits help keep premiums down.
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how much will it cost and how many would lose the benefits. we do not know yet.>> this process is a mess. it really is. i don't hind one could defendant. talk democrats are affected. nancy pelosi telling members to rally against the bill today. this is a critical test of for both president trump and house speaker paul ryan who could not get this done back in march. gop confidence is growing. at this would really be just step one. spike we have a situation where they are doing the absolute minimum to try to claim this as a victory. it is not a victory. truck at this would still have to pass in the senate even if it passes that the house. republicans look at that as crossing the bridge when they get to it. for now, they will be happy if they get the victory in the house.
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that could come in the next few hours. >> a douglas later in washington. stack of the senate is expected to vote on the $1.1 trillion federal budget passed yesterday by the house. that includes $593 billion for the military but no money for president trump promised bonomo with mexico. my house is as the president will sign the bill to fund the us government through the end of september. this budget includes $53 billion for foreign aid. that includes a famine relief and humanitarian programs. more than 400 million dollars into western wildfires pretended dollars for 10 million running system and $100 million for caltrans. to defy the text of the peninsula. that is considered a key part of the high-speed rail project. >> meanwhile the former national security advisor declined an invitation to testify before a senate hearing
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caring about russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. susan rice said she did nothing wrong and unmasking donald trump associate in an intelligence report. we don't know exactly why she did it or how the information went to public. susan was invited by republican committee chairman lindsey graham and not by the panels atop a democrat. two other former obama administration officials are still scheduled to appear before that judiciary committee on monday. president trump opposing thoughts on this topic at this money. he is on twitter and tweeted, susan rice devorah national security advisor president obama's refusing to testify before a senate subcommittee next week on allegations of unmasking trump transition officials. not a good. us customs and border protection is a stepping up efforts to recruit more butter patrol agents and customs officers. the agency is always hiring. but even more another president
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trump has ordered an additional 5000 positions protected the border. recruitment fans will start popping up a big events and job events like san diego, phoenix and el paso around the border. coming up on the 9 ohio governor and former republican presidential candidate john kasich in studio. we are going to get his opinion on donald trump the presidency along with what it is going to take to close the divide in america. it is all coming up later mornings on a 2 and the 9 am hour. 6:16 am. sal wanted to commute. some people dealing with fog. we do have a traffic that is going to be a little bit slow in some areas. i don't think the fog is a major player. we do have a fog on the golden gate bridge but traffic is lighter topic is busy and oakland at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is about a 20 or 25 minutes in today. if you're trying to drive into san francisco unless you're using the carpool lanes.
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also looking at a commute and oakland where traffic is going to be okay on 880 north and southbound. it is not a bad commute so far heading south to hayward and also into the silicon valley. the commute does look pretty good on all of the major freeways. we have been looking around and do so far not a big crowd yet. it usually starts later. we are looking at a 680. it is already so coming out of the dublin interchange heading towards the sonoma grade. today's commute is just a letter bent -- better than it was yesterday. the fog bank is pouring in. yesterday is out there and touched a few. for most it didn't matter. we have record highs but look at the overcast. have to wipe out the inversion. that will happen today if -- is not today it will be tomorrow. it is attacking us. run for the hills. cool weather today. a san jose down 10 mac from 91 to 81.
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there might be some parts of the city that do not get above 60. yesterday san jose -- maybe 77 today. the fog bank is flying in. san francisco 82. 65, 52. the average is 60/50. the record is 84 and 1955. current conditions in vallejo 56 with a fickle finger of fog. yesterday's high was 94. cooler is welcome. on all my facebook comment i would say it is running a 90 percent-10 percent in favor of a fog. san francisco -- i do not have anything but i think we will see rain before hate. the next week is looking interesting. fairfield tenant need to see 20- 25. we talked about this yesterday. much rate is 52 and coldwater. ali needs his help and the fog has no problem for me. we are seeing that today
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because the high is moving out regular pressure moving in and that is going to give a significant quote upper 50s and 60s the temperatures go down. 12 to 15 degrees for some of the peninsula. a lot of mid-50s. yesterday los altos hills was 66 or 67. today there 57. color is making pacific at 49. i don't think they will get about 5934 and truck -- -- palm springs and phoenix. they're both looking for 105 today. palm springs on sunday may not get above 70. strong hello comes in and there will be rain in southern california and phoenix go all the way to 75 degrees from 105 between now and monday. significant changes are not only here but down on the desert have a better opportunity for rain in southern california that we do over the weekend. we get cooler and breezy weather. to go say hello. the signature is moves up and a system of movement. that will drop temperatures. morning fog is good for everybody. while in my take another day but by tomorrow, and into saturday will drop a good 25 degrees. upper 80s for a few.
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back in clear lake but 6070s brothers. 80s. sometimes just depends on the brief kicking in yesterday didn't kick in until late and that meant temperatures soared into the 80s and 90s for record highs. today's it is 50s through 80s. the 80s and later underweight down to the upper 60s by saturday. >> i saw, how cool is it and set up how hot is it. it is so cool there is a fog warning on the golden gate bridge. and advisory. that is surprising. >> it feels good outside our door. >> it does. 6:20 am. overnight buckingham palace announced its philip, the 95- year-old husband of queen elizabeth, will stop making public appearances. palaces says that the prince will continue heading several turtle -- tradable organizations but not playing active roles and tenting engagements.
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prince philip has had heart problems. but he has kept a pretty active public schedule. the policy didn't give us new details about his health. the queen is a 91. she will continue to make her public appearances. they have been married for 70 years. 6:21 am is a time. it teenager hit and killed by a train on his way to school. just as devastating for everyone. the emotional words from the boys principle his school tries to cope with the loss. and struck more americans cutting the cord with the landline. i will tell you buy a new study that binds you are land lines at homes around the country.
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♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. welcome back. 6:24 am. potentially bad news for certain retirement plans. the u.s. senate yesterday approved a bill to end an obama era policy that encouraged state-sponsored retirement savings programs. the move would look california led effort to offer retirement accounts to income workers do not have them. republican lawmakers questions the need for state and local government involvement in retirement planning. the measure goes to president trump who has vowed to sign a. 6:24 am. five city department in seven cisco may soon have a new rules
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and requirements to be allowed to fly a drone. tomorrow city committee will vote on rules those permits would have to follow. the committee on information technology began studying drone use two years ago. the only department that would apply to use drones on the porch, parks and rec, fire, and office of comptroller. is department would have to lay out specific plans for using a drone. apple ceo tim cook says the company plans to put $1 billion towards creating new manufacturing jobs in the us. he said there are more manufacturing jobs at fox a demand for more jobs in the service industry. he also said he will announce the details of how the money will be distributed into is eligible. that will be at the end of the month. striking a government study shows the majority of homes now rely on a cell phones rather than land lines. the researchers say almost 51 percent of all houses and apartments only have cell
6:26 am
phones. note landline. younger adults and renters are the most likely to have completely ditched the landline. 39 percent of us households have both cell phones and land lines. the study does not say what people keep or stop a service. but an unscientific survey of landline users find bad cell service, emergency use and lower costs for bundled services are among the top reasons for people keeping land lines. 6:26 am. this morning, the entire world can watch the final show of the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus -- circus. the circus an ounce will broadcast its final show on facebook alive. earlier this year the circus announced it would shut down after 146 years in the circus a business. the final show for the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus will be may 21 in uniondale new york. >> that is nice of for everybody. 6:26 am. reducing runway drivers on the
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freeway. the life-saving technology being tested right now in sacramento that could become a bay area thing as well. for albany high school students punished for a racist social media post are now suing the district. the reason the attorney argued the actions are protected free speech. we see it is going to be slow and also foggy in some areas. fog is not a problem on highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland. stock from one extreme to the other. we have gone from high chapters to a fog bank. our pattern will be much cooler. hey allergy muddlers
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welcome back. the records note that we have in the spirit this year could have skiers and snowboarders. you may be enjoying the snow all summer long. squaw valley is prepared to let people ski as long as there is no. in the past july 4. squaw valley plans to stay open every day there may and on weekends in june depending upon the wicked the conditions are. more than 60 feet of snow fell in the valley this year. in january they set a new record. thank you for
6:31 am
joining us on mornings on a 2. thursday, may 4. i'm dave clark. i'm pam cook. 6:30 am. we're talking about the cooler weather. a lot of people enjoying it other than our friends about would. spike they will not be as hot but they will still -- that is good. it's like unless you like the heat. like usually if you live in those places you like the he. slack nelson does. spike used to work here. as we state like heaven to was a top. struck the fog is back and it will really make a good impact of for some. at 22 great drop would not surprise you at all. that lifted to give -- a lake county an eastern solano. also towards contra costa county. fog and fog wants from us until this morning. it is going to be a big drop in the city. sfo west at 15. the key for the area two donis
6:32 am
travis. if you get the 25 or 30 then it will make it all the way up to sakamoto valley. a big time a fog bank. look at the temperatures are down 50 degrees yesterday. 50s and 60s with santa rosa. healdsburg is 49. i have seen this before where santa rosa drops 25 degrees in one a day when you get is kind of a fog patter. some areas were able to drop a 20. 49 is on the upper 40s will be cold and foggy by the coast. the water temperature's are cool. the house. the ridge of high pressure moving towards the northern plains of the door open to a cooler patter. 50s added 70s and 80s. struck 6:32 am. traffic is doing what? >> it is doing pretty well. the fog is going to catch the attention of drivers who drive in marin county. go to the golden gate bridge and i will show you saw found one on traffic is light. you can see the traffic -- the
6:33 am
bridge traffic will be shrouded in fog. you can barely see the towers. this is a lie the picture of the golden gate bridge. if you go to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see more people but the fog is not as well. this is about a 20 minute delay before you make your way to the span. looking at interstate 80 in oakland that you will see the traffic will be okay. and the south bay you can see traffic northbound 101 will slow down a little bit. here the south part of the bay and 85 is a flow. 280 look so good. 6:33 am let's go back to the desk. racist images on social media. are they protected as free speech? the lawyers up for a high school student at albany high school say the answer is yes. there's going -- suing the school district for punishing students for a social media post that caused a controversy at the school.
6:34 am
you're in albany now. tell us what this is all about.>>reporter: and they were a couple of images according to the documents one involved a noose drawn around the neck of african-american students at albany high school as well as side-by-side photos of students with apes. in the lawsuit against the albany school district filed in court on monday, the attorney for one of the accused student said there is some dispute about who initially created the image. you may have altered them using snapchat. but ultimately there were posted on a students private instagram account. for albany high school students either commented or liked at the post and were punished by the district. and by administrators at the hospital with a suspension and one student facing expulsion. the student attorney saying supreme court precedent is the basis for the suit say the first amendment said schools may only prohibit speech of it creates a substantial disruption to school activities and when conduct is done within the school, or school sponsored activity. there is little doubt that the posted cause a disruption on the campus. the rallies and protests by other students expressing anger
6:35 am
and frustration that the races the post. the district held a town hall meeting to address in the community concerns about the images and race relations at the school. but the attorney for the for students or suspended argued likes and comment on a private instagram account are protected free speech. they were not posted on the school social media page and there were not posted while the students were at school. the attorneys are asking for damages and for the students as well as allowing the student to return to school and have any disciplinary marks taken off their records. the albany school district issued a statement in response saying they would defend the disciplinary steps they took against students and corporate the district has until next week of our -- file a formal legal response to the lawsuit. we will follow up with them later this morning to find out what more the district has to say.>> allie rasmussen in albany. state transportation officials testing new technology that could reduce the number of wrong way drivers across the state. ktvu live with alex explaining.
6:36 am
>>reporter: caltrans is testing out brand-new way to warn drivers before they can into a freeway going into the wrong direction. sometimes they do not enter signs at the freeway off ramps are just not enough. drivers can get confused. just last month rose to the crash in this area. a wrong way driver slammed into another car. here on highway 84 and the man ultimately was killed in the accident. in hopes of preventing these kinds of accidents, caltrans has started a pilot program in the sacramento area, flashing led lights have been installed in 17 freeway off ramps along interstate 80 and highway 5. also surveillance cameras have been put up to capture wrong way drivers and the goal is to alert dispatchers sooner so they can send help. had to ramirez lost his sister and two nieces in a crash in
6:37 am
2015. they were heading home to the small town of arbuckle after a visit to the bay area when a wrong way driver slammed into their car. ramirez is hoping the new technology will state -- save lives. >> that is great and wonderful because you don't think about it until you lose a family member.>> two years as i hear from them. not talking to them and not seeing them. might not my sister not planning a wedding. >>reporter: at the sacrament of area was selected for the pilot program because of the region led the state in the number of deadly wrong way accidents. altran is working right now with researchers at uc davis in hopes of eventually asked banding this program statewide. it is following the flashing led lights and surveillance cameras trying to stop people before they get onto a freeway coming in the wrong direction. 637 affects threes in the
6:38 am
castro district open again this morning. they were closed last night because of a scare involving a suspicious item. it was near castro and market before 10 pm last night. police is a several people called reporting a propane tank within the words, this is a bomb , on the sidewalk or people are told to shelter in place or stay far away. place eventually said the item was safe and streets were reopened by 11:30 pm last night. stock east palo alto police looking for help in identifying a driver involved in a hit and run accident elected to teenagers seriously hurt. the crash happened at intersections of cooley avenue. 215-year-old boys crossing the street at about 4 pm yesterday. a car did not stop at a stop sign and hit them. it and kept going. both boys were taken to stanford medical center. doctors are not giving us any information about the conditions. police also have not released a
6:39 am
discussion of the car but they are asking anyone who saw the crashed or knows something to please call them. a 6:38 am. a 16-year-old boy has not been identified was killed yesterday. a train hit him as he rode his bike to school across a railroad trostle in the east bay. he was hit on the train tracks above san lorenzo creek on his way to cape king high school. invest or say the high school junior was hit and killed by union pacific train. it happened at about 8 am. apparently he was taking a shortcut across the train too. he didn't hear the train coming up behind him. the principal was fighting back tears as she talked about the man. >> our students with a beloved member of our 11th grade class. and the entire school community. he had a big heart. >> the name of the student not released. the principal said he was an
6:40 am
honor student and active member of leadership and was on the school debate team. controversy continues over a plant medical marijuana dispensary in san francisco. run by former oakland mayor jean quan and her husband. quan and doctor floyd are planning to open a high-end dispensary in the sunset district. the met with reporters yesterday made the proposed site on a noriega street. a number of protesters were also there. critics it's a the city is moving the application forward despite the fact that the dispensary would be within 1000 feet of the church -- of a church the runs a study school for children. the couple said children will not be harmed by the dispensary. 6:40 am. rumors add to the supreme court of a resignation. coming up at 7 am why president trump will make it another chance to nominate a member of the supreme court. getting a boost of energy from your breakfast sandwich for the caffeine laced a bagel making its debut. we are looking at a commute
6:41 am
that looks foggy on the golden gate bridge. grabbed a cup of joe and get out there sooner than later if you drive this commute. it is going to be about 20 degrees cooler for some. especially in san francisco. we talk about a big pattern change for us. well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride.
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♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else?
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welcome back. 6:43 am. the popular messaging service whatsapp is back up and running after a worldwide outage.
6:44 am
the app is owned by facebook. it crashed yesterday. millions of users couldn't use it for several hours. apparently caused major frustration for whatsapp users. several people went on social media sewing their frustration. we still do not know what caused the outage. google investigating an email scam that you should be aware of. the fake email looks like it was sent by a friend who wants to share a google doc. if you click on the link it asks you to enter your password and sent a similar email to everyone in your address book. google tweeted it has taken action against the cameras by deflating account. but also wants to hear from anyone who has been effective. in the meantime if you get a google doc invitation, jacket with the sender before you click the link. >> i saw.
6:45 am
>> space-x planning to launch thousands of satellites that the company plans to spend more than 4000 satellite into space by the year 2024 using its falcon 9 and one day the plan to establish a global internet network. before the end of this year, space-x plans to start testing satellites. yesterday at a senate hearing is by six -- a space-x executives said if it is successful they want satellites in phases beginning in 2019. all over the world people are celebrating the power of the force. >> look. -- luke. >> i love them. they are so young. today is a star wars day. it is may 4. may 4 be with you.
6:46 am
special events worldwide. star wars fans have a lot to celebrate. the next film in the series, the last jot it. luke skywalker is returning. comes out in december. einstein brothers bagels launching the first caffeinated bagel today. it is called the espresso blend bagel. contains at 32 milligrams of caffeine which is about a third of what you find in an average eight ounce of coffee. for those that need a big caffeine kick i am raising my hand. you may still need to have a cup of coffee. the caffeine comes from espresso and coffee cherry flower. have to let people know. have an event i'm going to today. we will live stream and. you see graduate students to spend three years getting ready. they have to explain it their thesis in a minute. it is a contest and i will be a judge. we will be at the linkedin headquarters. i am happy they asked me to do because i get to hear from these marvelous minds of the future and we will have the link on our website.
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>> it is good that they have you. 6:46 am. let's see what is coming in with the next hour. >>reporter: this morning we are talking about concerns over what some are calling poor communication. between disco city officials and leaders during a seven hour power outage that hit the city last month due to fire at a substation. what supervisors say they want to drill down and learn more about what happened. also reports of a shortage of 911 dispatchers plaguing the city as well. pam and dave i know you have seen it. babies and toddlers holding ipads everywhere. meant to look for some appearance. digital devices to write a moment of peace is so they can focus on other things. the today show chose more time a baby or toddler fence on a tablet, the later they could start speaking.
6:48 am
how screen time is being linked to delayed speech and a caution for parents. just as new information is being released. these stories and more when i see you in a few minutes. a good topic. 6:48 am. let's go to sal. your watching the eastchester shore and everyplace else. >> the freeway is getting more crowded. reduce the traffic between the bridge and macarthur maze. it is about a 30 minute drive time. maybe more between the car canis burres -- parking is bridge and made. when you get to the bay bridge that is another 20 minutes on top of that pick up your driving from vallejo it is always be taking you an hour to drive from vallejo to san francisco. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. steve and i have been talking about the fog. it is not foggy. it looks nice and clear but there is fog on the golden gate bridge. so much so that chp asking you to be careful if you're driving across the bridge. san jose traffic is getting
6:49 am
busier on 85 and 101. a little onto 80. out of the three, 280 is the least crowded freeway. 6:48 am. oxspring and steve. the fog making a good push. right over the golden gate like a river. the chp has issued a fog advisory if you have to use it. just sit there and look at it if not. it is pouring in and making it across to san pablo bay. and that will leave you cooler weather. even if -- without the fog john bryson says the neighborhood topped out at 95. it is nice at 57. it is cooler. sunrise after the fog. for those of you looking for the fog it has come roaring back and temperatures will drop today especially closer to san francisco. 82 to 65. liver mart 93 to 86 and a san jose down 10 from 91 to 81.
6:50 am
san francisco is a 65-52. the average is 64-50. he went way up with a record high of 82 and right back down today. west at 15. it is kicking in. 49 the water temp. 52 extreme the cold water temperature. that helps the heat in the valley. it is going to be a big-time fog bank over the next few days. 48 at half moon bay. 49 in santa rosa. this time was a 76. this is a huge drop. pittsburgh was a 7475. these are all down 10. lafayette 62. walnut creek at 58. 30s in the mountains. 64 in sacramento. 74 phoenix and palm springs. both at 105 today. palm springs may not hit a 70 with rain possible for southern california heading down. 105 to about 75 by monday. there were major changes. not just here but statewide. some of the projections are over and inch of rain for parts of southern california of the
6:51 am
next five days. the fog is a big weather maker and the driver is the system coming in. it will break off an area of low pressure. a little too far south for us. the cooler went there. the area of high pressure there. it was west of us yesterday and now it is heading towards the east. the money fog is cool and the trend -- for some it may take another day. for everybody friday into saturday we are down 25 or 30 degrees. 60 and 70. 50s on the coast. 80s inland. lake county takes another day or two. parts of eastern celano. it is still warm but not as hot as yesterday. santa clara will cool down fast and this pattern. 56 on the coast and it will be pretty cold and foggy. even cooler as we had to the weekend. 6:51 am. look at a north bay home they get help for a teenager dealing with the drugs and mental health issues. the new state requirement that will have a severe impact on health. remembering an all-time great. the ceremony last night daughters and a giant "a" game
6:52 am
honoring broadcaster vinis scully. ♪ hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one
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>> we welcome back to mornings on 2. the fans felt better after coming from behind and beating the dodgers 4-1 in extra innings. the giants tied the game in the 8th with one run.
6:55 am
the giants have today off before heading to cincinatti and facing the reds tomorrow. now, before last night's game, the dodgers honored vin scully. >> scully was inducted into the dodgers ring of honor. he retired following the 2016 season after 67 years of the advice of the brooklyn and los angeles dodgers. every fan received a statue. he turns 90 in september. >> wow. last night the a's lost to the minnesota twins 7-4. the a's dh vargas had the biggest hit of the game. three run homer in the 3rd. the twins center fielder brian
6:56 am
buxton made this catch. bam. sorry, chris. the a's will try to break their road losing streak this morning. they play at 10:10 pacific time. today is game two of the warriors-jazz playoff game. they had a light practice session. steph curry did not take part. he is resting his ankle that he tweaked during game one. he is okay and expects to be back on the coach. head coach steve kerr won't be there because of his ongoing back problems. the team is doing pretty well under his leadership. >> steve, i hope you're watching this. you know, we had i think a total of 24 turnovers in the last three games. that's an area that i'm doing a lot better than you. i've gotten the point across to our guys a lot better.
6:57 am
>> well, the warriors have won all five of the playoff games so are fa. tipoff tonight at 7:30. caitlyn jenner spoke in front of a sold-out crowd last night. there was judge cordell the emcee conducting a conversation with jenner about her journey as a transgender woman. it also touched on politics and how jenner supports president trump. well, a foster home in santa rosa for troubled teenagers is about to close because of money problems. as ktvu's rob roth reports, there aren't many of these homes available and placing teenagers in other programs is very challenging. >> three different houses. dorm one, dorm two. >> reporter: it's one of the last remaining group foster
6:58 am
homes in california for troubled teenagers. but in a matter of days, this small campus in santa rosa called our house is shutting down permanently after 45 years. >> i'm devastated. what i'm sad about is the kids and my staff. these kids need this kind of help. >> reporter: now, about a dozen teenagers who suffer from both drug addiction and mental illness have to leave, including april, a 16-year-old who has been here almost a year. she asked us not to show her face. >> taught me how to communicate with others and how to express my feelings how to like handle my feelings in like a healthy way without doing drugs or any of that. >> reporter: the reason for closing is money. to meet new state requirements for foster care, our house made costly changes in its operation. money from the state has not increased and the group home could not stay afloat.
6:59 am
>> we were effecting change for them. now we have to remove them and send them to start all over again. >> reporter: april will be going back home trying to stay with her parents, vowing to stay away from drugs. >> a lot of kids will not get that help that i got. >> reporter: but finding suitable places for many of her fellow residents is difficult. few places in california can take them. and some may have to leave the state. >> so we're not just letting go of these kids and sending them back to juvenile hall or some undetermined place. but we're taking the time to find what is the right placement for them. >> reporter: the staff here expects to find places for all of the residents by the end of next week. then our house closes for good. in santa rosa, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. police shot and killed the
7:00 am
suspect. we have the latest coming up. a vote could begin today on repealing and replacing obamacare. the deal on preexisting conditions that may now have enough republican lawmakers on board. this and more on mornings on 2. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 this thursday morning, may 4th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. do you like the weather today. >> thank goodness this change came. we spent so much time to dig the fans out of the garage to use them for one night and now they have to go back downstairs. >> you're not going to complain that. >> no. it was a three fan night for some. now i'm click on the natural ac. temperatures are dropping big time. in fact a 20-degree drop for some. san francisco set a record high of 82. i went 65 today. other locations may drop a good 15 degrees and even more so tomorrow.


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